How to Get a Full Refund From the Airline

Here is how to get a full refund from the airline for your travel. While this article discusses a credit card payment, the process is the same regardless of which airline you are traveling on.

Taking out a large prepaid card is a good habit to get into. The airlines, after all, may decide that they would rather not pay you off for your trip and then issue you a very large bill instead. Using a card to pay for your flight will help you avoid getting into that situation.

It is very important that you keep your card close at hand. Make sure it is in an easily viewable location such as the front pocket of your pants or shirt. You don’t want to make a mistake of leaving your card in your handbag. If your card gets lost or stolen, you are out of luck.

It is best to give your travel agent a call beforehand so he or she can have your card ready at the airport for your payment. If your agent is busy, ask if there is someone else available who can go pick up your card for you before you board the plane.

Ask if you can prepay for your tickets by paying the previous checks. Once you have completed your prepayment, ask if your credit card company will credit your card for the total amount of your tickets. This way, you can avoid being charged an extra fee when you try to book your flight.

Keep a few credit cards in different names. Having a different credit card to use while you are on the road will give you more options if the worst happens and you are unable to pay your bill.

If you can, try to bring a couple of repossessed items with you. While it is difficult to travel with a full bag, it will be easier to sell some of the unused goods.

There is no reason to wait until you get to the airport to start looking for a hotel because there are often lots of vacant rooms available on the morning of your flight. Make a point to check-in early. This is true even if you have a layover.

When you get to the check-in counter, ask to be taken to the baggage claim area. As long as you are wearing a seatbelt, you can just keep your bags there until the plane takes off.

Get your scuba mask ready. This may be necessary if you have a fear of flying. In this case, you may want to bring the mask along.

Try to keep track of where you are seated by writing down the seat number. The flight attendant should be able to find you when you check in.

With the tips mentioned above, it should be fairly easy to understand how to get a full refund from the airline for your travel. If something unexpected happens, it will be a big help to have a back-up plan.